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We started our journey in 1992 with our flagship product, Mt. Kenyan Water. It was not only the launching pad for Kevian Kenya as a company but also a pioneer brand in the local bottled-water industry. Mt Kenyan Water notably changed the lifestyle landscape by paving way for other local and international bottled water brands, hence enlarging the industry.

Eight years later, the fresh tasting Pick N Peel fruit juice brand was born; initially available in a tear off pack until 2012 when it took up its new look that comes with a convenient resealable cap.

Back then all beverage companies in Kenya only play second fiddle to international better known brands. Kevian Kenya Limited was the first company to launch a juice with 100% fruit juice content, Pick N Peel, which came into the market in 1999. Ours was a venture of passion and dedication, a priceless resolve that has seen the successful growth of Kevian Kenya.

Then and now we were convinced that fruit processing in Kenya time had arrived, although we could not find enough fruits to commercially process.

Therefore, we got our fruit concentrates from outside Kenya. Our companies plan was backward integration, that is, to use locally grown fruits. In 2007 this came to fruition when we purchased our Thika based factory and commenced processing of mango, carrot, pineapple, tomato and passion concentrates. In 2012 we took a more innovative move and added state of the art equipment for fruit concentration and packaging. This resulted to improved quality & efficiency, increased production capacity, an ability to work with a wider variety of fruits, better packaging and an even stronger market growth.

Our food and beverage portfolio has since expanded and now features various lifestyle brands. Since hitting the shelves in 2003, Afia PET Juice has enjoyed significant growth and is now the market leader. The Afia brand includes Juices, Nectars, Malts and Carbonated Soft Drinks. In 2014 we brought to the market Kevian Sauces and Kevian Soups both of which are brilliant culinary options for a broad array of households as well as hospitality institutions.

With a team of seasoned experts in the food and beverage sector, Kevian Kenya ensures that all its products maintain international standards and a high level of quality.

Manufacturing processes for the various product lines