juice1   A splash of fun in each drop

What makes Afia Drinks so appealing to many people? Is it the exceptional range of flavors that make up the unmatched assortment?  Or is it the unique essence that resides in it’s superior tastes? Afia means many things to many people, but we all agree that it is the best way to savour nature’s lovely flavors in their purest forms. The range includes Afia Juices, Afia Nectars and Afia Malts. Available in consumer friendly prices, Afia Drinks are sold ready-to-drink and are most ideal when you require wholesome refreshment on-the-go.

juice1   Afia Juice 
The alluring taste of Afia Juices is the result of nature being tweaked innovatively to offer its raw goodness. Afia Juices will go beyond quenching your thirst, and allow you to benefit from an array of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Afia Juices are available in these flavours: Apple, Mango, Orange, Mixed Fruit, Multi-Vitamin, White Guava, Pink Guava, Lemon, Pineapple, Hibiscus and Tropical Carrot. Afia Juices are packed in PET 300ml and 500ml and Tetra Pack 250ml and 1litre.
 afiamango  afiaapple  afiamixedfruit afiamixedfruit
 afiamultivitamin  AFIATROPICALCARROT  afiawhiteguava  
 afiawhiteguava afiapineapple afiawhiteguava


juice1 "Burst of energy"

peach with milk   Afia Nectars are healthy milk-enriched fruit juices with excellent taste. This revitalizing drink will re-awaken your mind and boost you with enough energy to get you through the day. Afia Nectars are available in Peach with Milk and Orange-Carrot with milk flavours; in 300ml and 500ml PET packs. 





 juice1 "Feel the power"

 Afia Malt is a great natural source for instant energy and nourishment. The tasty Afia Malt flavours are more than a thrill to the palette; they are the most delightful way to ease into healthy living. Afia range of flavored non-alcoholic malt drinks are made from expertly grown sprouted barley grain and taken through an intricate malting process. Available in 300ml and 500ml PET packs, Afia Malt comes in 7 flavours: Dark Malt, Coffee, Energy, Plain, Ginger, Lemon and Vanilla.

maltenergy  maltginger maltlemon
maltplain maltvanilla darkmalt


 juice1 "Real thirst busters"

Afia Carbonated Soft Drinks   are such an alluring addition to the Afia Drinks range. It has   the tempting touch of effervescence as it flows across your tongue. Or the immaculate taste crafted expertly and brought to life by sheer skill and a desire to captivate. Maybe it’s in the natural flavors that are used to enhance the enjoyment. Or simply the ingenuity nestled in its Afia Cola and Afia Orange flavors. Sweet flavors that are refreshing and proudly Kenyan. Have a taste, and judge for yourself…