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Being one of the pioneer bottled-water brands in the country, Mt Kenyan Drinking water is still recognized among the top and most trusted lifestyle brands in Kenya. Mt  Kenyan drinking Water enjoys regional presence and can be found at homes, in hotels, at fine dining establishments, quick service restaurants, sports arenas, at outdoor events or just as the thirst-bursting option for someone on the go. Mt Kenyan Drinking water was awarded the Diamond Mark of Quality in recognition of its high degree of excellence in product manufacturing and quality.

Mt Kenyan Drinking Water is a healthy choice for many. The water is purified, tested, approved and bottled at the source. Available in 300ml, 500ml, 1litre, 1.5litre, 2litre, 3litre, 5litre, 10litre, 18.9Litre refillable and 20litre non-returnable.

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